Ralph Castelli

Today is a beautiful day. You don't think so, because it is November, it is raining and it looks grey outside? Then I have the right musician for you: Ralph Castelli.

This American guy was born in 1956. He is a singer and songwriter, plays the acoustic guitar and mixes this sound with some very harmonious electronic tones. He does not have to many songs, but all of them let you dreaming, livening up and getting new energies.

A very motivating song is "Good Morning". It is about that you can experience a lot of different things every day. All of them can change your external but much more your inner feelings. A day is too valuable to feel bored and negative. Why do you do not do something special, something new or something wild today? Life is so much more than "black and white". I wish you a beautiful day and a "Good Morning" with Ralph Castelli.

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