Far Darrig

You are bored and want something to do? What about our famous guessing game “the Creatures from HELLas”. I will now present you a creature and you have to decide if it's a creature from the Greek mythology or from somewhere else. Are you ready?

Okay let's start. The name of the weekly creature is “Far Darrig” that means “Red Man”. As you can already think from the translation, Far Darrigs are wearing red coats and long capes. These creatures look a little bit like a leprechaun because they are also short, fat and have pointy ears and noses. Their hair are very wild and mostly in red or grey colours. These creatures have red or grey beards and their skins are quit ugly and covered in dirt. Additionally they have long snouts and skinny tails.

Far Darrig are pretty fearsome. They carry a burlap sack with them, which are large enough for a person. At night these creatures kidnap people and put them into their sack. Then they lock them into a dark room. To scare the people, these creatures make very fearsome cackles, growls, animal sounds or other inhuman noises. They love particular and gruesome jokes. After the Far Darrigs have had enough fun, they let their prisoners go. It is said that these creatures are connected to nightmares.

So what do you think? Are Far Darrigs part of the Greek mythology or not?
You can check your answer with our solution below.




Far Darrigs are not creatures from Greek mythology but from the Irish mythology.

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