The Hedgerow folk

This week you will discover a new band from America : The Hedgerow Folk. The group is composed by 3 members : Jon Myles, Amanda Hammett and Bryant Hains.

Amanda And Jon met in Auburn in 2012 in their local church, where they were both leading the church body. As they realized that their voices fitted they decided to work together and to record some original music written by Jon. Then Bryant joined them naturally as he already worked with Jon and was a friend of him. They have chosen their band name “The Hedgerow folk” from a poem of C.S. Lewis.

Religion is the main topic of their music and their goal is to “create art that leads people to slow down, reflect, and hear God's voice in their lives."

In 2014 they recorded their first album “Come close”. The songs enable people to relax and think about the Christ. They found an international public. After this first album the artists wrote a second one in the same religious spirit, named Compass (2017). The aim of the songs is to heal the broken and hurting, and to help those who feel lost.

Of course you can listen to their music without any religious affinity. Their folk style is really enjoyable and relaxing. I'll let you judge by yourself with their song Scars. Listen and appreciate!

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