In this week, I'd like to present a very awesome Australian band to you: RogerThat! I am talking about four guys with long hair, beards and sunglasses, who make the waves in the ocean dance.

The guitarist and vocalist Jimmy Young, the bassist and vocalist Lach Leckie, the vocalist Jesse Bailey and the drummer Dan Briffa first met at the Bluesfest, an annual music festival in Australia with blues and roots musicians from all around the world. Their band life in the first time sounds like a dream of everyone who wants to become a rockstar: driving with a van through the Nullabour, an almost treeless area in the South of Australia, playing and writing songs in the back. But the van wouldn't be the only one who hears the new invented Rock and Reggae songs. Firstly Australia, then Canada, Europe and the UK got to know this band on different tours, for example in 2009 which has been the second tour abroad until then.

When you listen to their songs, you feel like sitting at the ocean with a nice coctail in your hand, enjoying the sun and the waves. So, for everyone who always wanted to go to Australia: you just have to listen to this song and you will feel like sitting at one Australian beach for two minutes. Enjoy the „Tropical Summer Pop” by RogerThat!

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