Oh. My. Gods.

Reading means to delve into different worlds or discover diverse stories. Especially now that the time of bad weather is slowly coming and it is getting darker soon, spending cosy evenings in bed reading is one of my favorites. So today I have something new for lovers of literature, especially for the teen and pre-teen female audience this time.


The comedic book "Oh. My. Gods." I am presenting to you, was written by Tera Lynn Childs, a young adult herself, living in Las Vegas. As one of the best-selling authors her books are adored everywhere and available in numerous languages already.

The Protagonist of our today's novel is Phoebe, whose mother returns from Greece with a new husband and the plan to move to Greece. Discarding all of her future plans Phoebe has to move to an island in the Aegean Sea. There she has to attend an exclusive academy in her neighborhood. If this would not have been enough, she has to ascertain that the myths of the ancient Greek gods she read about are not only myths, but the naked truth.

The descendants of great gods such as Zeus or Hera are Phoebe's new schoolmates. Highly intelligent, smart and beautiful as they are they make her life as a normal teenage-girl much harder. So, if you are interested delve into the world of Phoebe, how she searches and finds her place among the gods, leaving her past behind her and discovering an unexpected future.



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