The strix

Let me introduce to you a not so famous kind of creature, the strix. You will have to guess if it comes from the ancient Greek mythology or from a vampire story...

The strix is a kind of daemon, half a woman, half a bird. Their name means “night bird”. They have a woman body with birds' wings and birds' legs with long talons. Their eyes are yellow and round and they are screaming loudly during the night.

They are known to kill babies by sucking their blood. They also poison kids with their milk while breast feeding them.
They are usually associated to the cemeteries and sometimes they are confused with vampires because of their love for blood. Moreover, for some authors their feathers were used to create love philters.
In some beliefs the strix refers to the dead coming back at night to suck the blood of the living people or to eat their flesh.
You can also find a sculpture of one of those in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

So what do you think ? Check the solution below !

The earliest recorded tale of the strix is from the lost “Ornithologia” of the Greek author Boios, but they are mostly known in the Roman Antiquity and they also appear in a Tv serie called “Supernatural”.



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