This Monday it is time for another episode of band of the week. I am a really big fan of different music types and love to discover new music. This time I found yet another band for you, called ISRA.

The lyrics of the songs are mainly reflecting on the individuals place in the modern world. For this the melodies and sounds as well as the singers calm voices are made to radiate a sensation of peace, harmony and composure. ISRA's goal is it that with their music, listeners get the feeling to escape from their everyday life for a few minutes. It's just perfect for a bit of daydreaming and relaxing, leaving chaos, problems and bustle behind you.

 The hometown Copenhagen is also the place where the 3 band-members worked intensely on their debut album. Three of the most popular songs are: Truthtellers, he had something on his mind and Florida. I could recommend all of them to you, but now I chose just one and want to give you the chance to escape for some minutes from the stressful everyday life. So take some time and come down whilst listening to Truthtellers.


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