The Lower Loveday

Yet another week, and here we are presented with a chance to showcase yet another amazing and breathtaking band – the Lower Loveday.

 "A musical storm is brewing. A storm that began over a decade ago in a year 8 talent show. ‘Twas but a breeze. The breeze slowly made its way meandering throughout the years to Lower Loveday Street, Birmingham, where it picked up the pace. A reunion on the other side of the globe filled the storm with energy. Here, the basslines got punchier, the hooks catchier, the tunes became bangers and now everything is set… So grab your raincoats… But, yes we a melodic indie rock duo. I (Tom) write the songs and perform the instruments whilst Mark adds his unique vocals to give a sound that will fit your content perfect whatever it may be as I believe we have a very instant, commercial feel, whilst being great musically too!"

Over ten years passed since the Lower Loveday gave its first performance. But back then it didn't carry this name. It was in high school at the goodbye talent showcase, when Mark and Tom competed together as one band. It's then when they discovered how good they are in sync and how well they are able to move the crowd if they only play together. Due to them starting education establishing a band was delayed. It seemed like a forgotten idea until by coincidence they met again traveling through Australia. Like destiny, the dynamic Duo got together planning to shake the world.

But two it's not enough. After a long and tiring search, they finally got in contact with Chris - talented guitar player with whom they created the Lower Loveday. The Trio that has a goal of reinventing the music wheel, and showing the world something that it never saw before.

What was, and what will be the story of this three extraordinary artists? You can find out by listening to their lyrics, and of course by staying tuned to their achievements and to!

Now please, listen together with us the song of the Lower Loveday- You Could Have Been My Queen!

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