The Occamy

You might know this little guessing game already. It is time for another episode of creatures from HELLas, where we present a creature every week and afterwards it is our audiences' part to guess if this creature is either a part of the Greek mythology or just an invention of Hollywood.


The creature I want to talk about today has a really unusual appearance: it is a mixture of an huge bird and a snake. To describe it more in detail: is is biped, has the body of a snake and a very wide plumage, which gives him a proud charisma. This about 5 meter long creature called Occamy is not to confound with a dragon, even if it might look similar for the first time. It feeds itself mostly on rats or birds.

One should be careful especially not to draw closer to their nests, because occamy-eggs have a shell consisting of pure silver. Because of this, the naturally very aggressive animals become even more dangerous, when they see you near to their breeding places. Beside their silver eggs they produce, there's another attribute which makes the Occamies even more interesting. Occamies can adjust their personal size to their surrounding. Withing seconds they can grow or shrink. It doesn't matter if you think of the size of a skyscraper or of a small needle. Everything is possible.

Now it is your turn. So what do you think? Is this creature a part of the Greek mythology, or just an invention and part of literature or movies? Try to guess and check your answer by clicking on the solution button underneath.


Our today's creature is fictional and part of the most famous narratives of the world: Harry Potter. You can find it in the supplementary book or movie, called “Fantastic creatures and where to find them”. There the Occamy occurs mostly in India or other far Eastern countries.

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