... Flies would have never existed

Please imagine this situation. You bake a fragrant apple cake, you put it on the table and after some seconds you see a big black fly with dirty legs walking on your cake. Now you can try to catch it with a fly swatter or you close your eyes and wake up in a world where flies have never existed. You think this would be a wonderful place? Maybe you are right.

Flies make a lot of noise. Flies are unhygienic. Flies are wonderful insects.
It is impossible to say how many flies existing on our earth, but experts believe that there are much more than 7 billion and everyone is useful for the ecosystem.
Flies decompose many organic material like rotting plants and excrements and help to produce good soil. So without flies the earth will be a big organic rubbish tip.
Also flies are important food for a lot of different animals like birds, frogs or reptiles. A lot of them will die if there are no flies anymore. But flies also eat some garden pests too and help us to protect the flowers and fruits.
Furthermore flies play important roles in murder mysteries. The police officers explore which kind of flies and other insects live on a death person. So they can find out where and when the people died.

Does your opinion about flies changed now? Are you going to be a flies fan? If you want you can join a group of insect experts or you can help the flies at your garden. They will be very happy if you do not using insecticide and cultivate a lot of different plants.
And please remember, the apple cake is big enough for both of you.

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