Today on Creatures from Hellas I want to present you something really special. We are not talking about an animal, neither a person, today I want to introduce you to Dschinni, a ghost. But what is so special and interesting on a ghost? Well actually it is a bit more, than a usual ghost and not only because he has a mind. First of all he looks a bit like a human.

He is a bit fat, light blue, semi-transparent, but also he is not visible for everyone. One another important peculiarity is his red cuffs on his arms.
Concerning the character he is empathic and can also transfer his good mood to other people. Dschinni was created in a wonder lamp filled with oil. He is the result of a fire without smoke. Our creature from today has many special talents. One for example is that he can hide himself where ever he wants. Furthermore he is able to transform himself into many different creatures, for example in a duck, this can lead to many funny situations. One another very special property of him is that he is extremely crazy, but in a funny and lovely way. Moreover he is very opened minded and sensible and always in a good mood.
Now it is your turn. Try to guess if Dschinni is either an invention of Hollywood or a real creature of Hellas. Guess and check your answer on chiosradio.gr. Yassas and thank you for listening.


The Dschinni is not part of the Greek mythology. It is a ghost, coming out of the oil lamp if you warm it up with your hands. Dschinni is part of the Disney movie Aladdin, which tells the story of an Arabian guy, who founded the Dschinni (sometimes also Genie) in a wonder lamp.

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