Aaron Spiro

This week I want to present you the very talented musician Aaron Spiro from Portland.

He found his passion in music through the connection with people on the street by busing at Pike Place market. At first the band consists just out of him but he searched for other musicians in the internet. This way he got to know new amazing artists from all over the world, which, like him, haven't been discovered yet. Aaron Spiro is a college student and hadn't got a large budget to spend for his album. Therefore he wasn't able to pay the other musicans he found online but they still helped him to create his album “OUT NOW”.

Here you have a list of all members who made his album possible:
Songwriting and Producing: Aaron Spiro
Mixing, Mastering, and Percussion: Brian Hardin, Justin Calhoun
Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Aaron Spiro
Harmonies: Emma Kurman-Faber, Flip Frisch, Aaron Spiro
Trombone: Caidin Cheney
Trumpet: Matt Giella
Cello: Isabella Palacpac
Drums: Jason Meekins
Bass: June Kato
Piano: Mirko Pirozzi, Aaron Spiro

Now I  would like to show you one of his most popular songs. It's called “Heal the world”. Enjoy the song.

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