Filippos Pliatsikas

Today it is time to introduce you another great musician.
Filippos Pliatsikas, born in Athens, came in touch with music since he was 12 years old.
From 1989 he was an essential part of the most famous rock-band of Greece called “PYX LAX”.
After the band dissolved in 2004 he started to write his own music.

Even without "PIX LAX" he has been a pretty successful artist and many of his albums reached gold or platinum sales.
In the first quarter of 2007, Filippos released one of his best albums called "Omnia".
This also marked the start of huge live concerts taking place all over Greece and Cyprus from now on.
So for example more than 100000 fans could witness these events in the winter of 2008.
After releasing another album, which is called "Ballerinas Epitreponte",
he went international for instance to London, Leicester, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Brussels and Amsterdam .
In 2011, "PIX LAX" reunified.
The plan of the old friends was to start a new series together.
This was supposed to be the music-event of the year.
They inspired people within the biggest cities of Greece and presented terrific as well as unique shows.
A new record was set for the most ticket sales ever done by a Greek artist.
One highlight of the tour took place in the Olympic Stadium in Athens.
The show had an unbelieveable audience of 80.000 people.  
One of Filippos' latest albums is called “Prosochii sto Keno” released in Spring of 2012.
Especially the song "Pou na pame" got quite popular.

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