Forget the Whale

In this week I would like to introduce to you band named Forget the Whale.
The band consists of four members and all of them come from Jersey City in the USA.

The lead vocal and bass is Alishia Taiping, Dan Pieraccini is reposnsible for bass, keys and vocals. Two other members are Peter Durning, responsible for guitar and harmonica and AJ Zienowicz - drums and vocals also.

Their genre is classified as rock. But also genres like blues, alternative, R&B, country, funk and nu-metal had influence on their specific and unique style of music. So far, Forget the Whale released two albums: What I Tell Myself Vol. 1 & 2. The band was positively accepted after their debut showcase at Rolf's Restaurant and Pub (Warren, NJ) in August 2014. Since that time they performed in places like The Bitter End in the Village, Brooklyn's Matchless Bar in New York and Crossroads and the Lamp Post in New Jersey.

What makes Forget the Whale special is that their every song is different and you don't know what to expect next.
Now let's listen to one of their songs, called Carry Your Own Weight.





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