Today's stunning band of the week is Dutilleul.
He is a French artist who is not as famous as other artists but still creates refreshing and melodious music.
On Jamendo you can find him in the genres hip-hop, funk, jazz, chill-out or electronic.


Me personally would classify his music as electronic as it is containing a high amount of sound-effects.
But I agree with the fact that his music is based on many different genres securing variety.
Before listening it is recommendable to pay attention to the titles which mostly reveal the atmosphere of the respective song.
Dutilleul successfully tries to express the title's meaning playfully but also quite detailed.
The song Lazy B. for example depicts the life of a Lazybones which only moves slowly and slothfully.
If you are bored you can also play following game: Try to guess the title only hearing the music.
Many of his songs seem perfectly suitable in order to turn on your relaxing mode.
The sound effects are well tempered for a harmonic overall mix.

I hope that I could give you an impression of the various, hidden talents behind the so-called Dutilleul.

Now let's listen to another song of Dutilleul called Purple liquid.


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