Elena Paparizou

Today I'd like to introduce the Swedish - Greek singer Elena Paparizou to you.


Most people know her due to her success at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 which has been the first win for a Greek singer. With her song "My number One" she got worldwide attention: in the United States and all over Europe, but especially in her home country Sweden and of course, in Greece.

Elena was raised in Sweden by her parents who immigrated from Greece. Since she was very young she had a strong interest in singing, dancing and acting. Because she was suffering from asthma, her family moved to Greece for two years when she was three. This stay in Greece has been a big influence on her life: speaking Greek as a first language, she became interested in Greek dance as well as in Greek music.

Greek music - this means above all the traditional music Λαικό. Therefore she started her career by covering traditional Greek songs together with her childhood friend Nikos Panagiotidis. This duo called itself "Antique" which should represent the traditional style. But they also included Nordic disco sounds in their music. In 2001, the duo sang in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest and reached the third place which has been the best result for Greece until then.

Afterwards Elena started a solo career in 2003. After her win of the ESC in Kiev in 2005 she became even more famous in Greece and other countries. Her traditional style turned more and more into a pop and rock style and she released albums like "The Game of Love" in 2006 or "One Live" in 2014. In consequence, she is admired especially by young teenage girls. Currently, Elena is a coach in the Greek talent show "The Voice of Greece".

Elena represents both coutries of her origin in her music - Greece and Sweden. Some people criticise her change to Popmusic as it seems as if she looses her own style. But this offered her the opportunity for an international career. And this is a dream of every singer, isn't it?

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