Gianna Fafaliou

Today with the topic culture I would like to introduce to you a musician. A woman, which is at the moment a quite hot topic on Chios. She has her origins on Chios and is know Greek-wide.
 I firstly got to know about her through her daughter, whom I taught while working here in the Chios’ school.

Gianna Fafaliou is a learned psychologist-psychotherapist, which finished her studies at the Kapodistriako University of Athens.
She worked a long time in the field of psychotherapy and group analyzes until she came back to her homeland Chios, where she works in the sector for older people at the center of children and teens but also has her own office.
Since 17 years does Gianna Fafaliou work in the music business, having also cooperation with people like Stelios Rokkos and Lakis Papadopoulos. She also helps in children acts as a narrator and at the musical logistics.
A TV show she is musically remembered for is the “Eurostar” of 2004. She became one of the three finalists and was through that on the stage with Sakis Roubas as a second voice at the Eurovision 2004.
After 13 years she had this year a bigger comeback, being part of the Greek talent show “Rising Star” 2017. She was elected in the beginning by the audience by 94% leaving the juries without voices. Why don’t you watch also the video of it in my article?
Her last performance I heard off was now recently, where she had a concert on Chios, here in Vrontados at the 12 of August, an opportunity which might come again.

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