Pantelis Thalassinos

Pantelis Thalassinos is a Greek singer who was born in Piraeus in 1958. While his mother came from the island Serifos, his father was born on Chios. This is why the family moved to Chios when Pantelis was two years old. He went to school there and started playing the guitar at the age of seven, together with his brother Giannis. Their father's co-workers from the local yacht club taught them.

In 1986 Pantelis Thalassinos and Giannis Nikolaou formed the band "Lathrepivates". They met for the first time in 1985 at a music venue and worked well together from the first day. Despite their very different musical backgrounds they created a special musical expression together. When a producer listened to them he was so excited that he recommended them to a label. This is were their journey really started. Even the renowned singer Haris Alexiou listened to their songs and invited them to tour with her which gained them recognition all over the country. Many of their songs remain timeless hits. After live performances in Cyprus in 1993 the duet decided to walk separate ways. Pantelis stayed on Chios to work on his first solo album and Giannis went to Crete to play with other musicians there.

Pantelis first solo album "Night waves" became a huge success and allowed him to create 14 more albums in the future. His releases were awarded with gold and platinum certifications. Pantelis himself says that the collaborations with the poet Ilias Katsoulis were his biggest milestone. Pantelis' songs were performed by many other artists and he appeared in more than 50 albums. He has composed and performed around 500 songs and has been part of more than 600 concerts. He has worked with many Greek songwriters, composers and singers. He has performed almost everywhere around the world like in Rome, London, Sydney and of course all around Greece.

He puts it like that: With music, he managed to make his football dream reality: to play in the biggest stadiums in the country.

Pantelis is really one of the greatest musicians Greece has to offer.

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