Nikos Vertis

Today I want to introduce to you a famous Dutch-Greek singer. His Name is Nikolas or also Nikos Vertis. He was born on the 21st of August in 1976 in the Netherlands.

Vertis discovered his passion for music very early. After he and his family had moved to Thessaloniki in Greece, he started to play the Bouzouki at the age of 7 and began to sing at the age of 15. At the age of 16 he attended the technical high school and also completed his military duties in Greece afterwards.

Til then, Nikos Vertis concentrated himself on his passion for music.
He performed in small clubs for a long time and had his first huge success in a club called "Rodon", where he continued to play until summer 2003.

When Vertis moved to Athens in winter, he also signed a contract with the music corporation "Universal Music Group" and his first album, called "Poli Apotoma Vradiazei"(It becomes night suddenly) was published.
Some of his songs became very famous and were played on the radio many times.
Together with Peggy Zina, another Greek singer, he worked on some new songs. Vertis also won the award for "Best new artist".

Whilst perfoming in a lot of different clubs in Greece, he released another album with the title "Pame Psihi Mou" (Lets go my soul). With the time, Vertis became more and more popular.
His first CD single, published in 2005, "Pes To Mou Ksana" (Tell me again), became the best-selling greek single of the year.

If you have never heard about Nikos Vertis before, take some time to listen to his songs.

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