The Moose

Another week, and another chance to tell the world about the artists who touched our hearts.
This time, Band of The Week is presented to artist called The Moose.


Artist with four very good albums on their account, what compared to the fact that they started recording in this year is pretty impressive. Their music is very interesting and enjoyable mix of rock, pop and electronic music. Something for everybody. Albums: “Scandinavian sound”; “Small Tunes”; Scandinavian sound vol.2” and “My pop songs” rapidly gains new and new listeners and fans waiting for new work of artist.

Their lyrics covers vast number of topics trying to push people into discovering themselves, nature and beauty of surrounding world.

Great amount of devoted fans supports artist in each possible way, encouraging them to finding new way of expressing themselves and move crowds all around the world.

I recommend their music for everybody, doesn't matter if just for energy injection during workout; lullaby for better sleep; or simply smoothing sound during well earned relax time.

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