Sani Festival

25 years. A pretty long time, isn't it? Well, that's how long the Sani Festival on Χαλκιδική (Chalkidiki) has already taken place. Back in 1992 when the festival had its premiere there was excitement, unavoidable stress and the ambition to keep going. It was a unique event in Greece at that time. Now, 25 years later, it is popular around the world with dedicated fans who can't wait for it to begin.

The secret of its success? The festival managed to create its own personality, its own identity. By looking for artists according to strict artistic merit they maintained a good artistic quality which attracts many visitors. The response from the international art circles was enthuasiastic. Olga Tabouris-Babalis, the festival's artistic director, says herself "25 years is not a short period of time, especially for a festival that started on an amateur basis, for the fun of it. It is an achievement, if I do say so myself, to still be standing in the cultural landscape of Greece after so many years, and to stand out in your own artistically unique way, bridging the two main pillars of Greek industry: tourism and culture!"

The festival started out as a jazz festival called "Jazz on the Hill" but soon other genres were included. "Sani Classic", "Sounds of the World" and "Greek Variations" attracted more and more visitors. This year's festival will take part from 8 July to 19 August and it will include performances of international and Greek artists, some of whom were introduced to the Greek audience as part of the festival years ago.

The venue of the Sani Festival is Sani Hill. With its medieval tower it is the perfect background for concerts and dance performances. The sea, sky and green landscape work together in harmony and create a special atmosphere. Of course with the growth of the festival additional venues were needed to showcase movies, art and more.

If you are interested in visiting one of the many events during the festival, check out for the ticket information. Tickets should be available two weeks before each event. It for sure is a unique experience and worth a visit.

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