...Einstein was wrong?

I think I don't need to describe A.Einstein. He is one of people who changed the human understanding of the universe.

He also proved that the most popular motive of Science Fiction, ships travelling with speed of light is impossible. To reach that border, ship couldn't have any mass. Breaking that bar would be impossible as well, because it would disturb all the gravity in universe.

But what if he was wrong? What if FTL isn't only something that exists in human imagination, but an actual thing?

Endless possibilities. Interstellar civilisation; end of the over-population problems on earth or a chance to start from the beginning. To begin again with the knowledge of all our former mistakes. There are planets capable of having life. We can reach them only if we prove Einstein wrong.

Of course first we would explore the Solar System. People would land on Titan, one of Saturn's moons; which has an atmosphere similar to the Earth and liquids on the surface. They would mine methane safely without disturbing the habitat of the Earth's animals.

They could also go to Europe, one of Jupiter's moons and mine water there to solve our water shortage problems.

And of course Mars. People could achieve their long awaited dream. They could colonise it and build cities outside the Earth. They would build shipyards there, just to use it to conquer the rest of the cosmos.

So the only thing to do is to prove that Einstein's theory was wrong. The one person that achieves that would change the universe, and be part of human history forever.

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