It’s Monday again and time for a new band of the week!
For today’s episode I found a very unique band for you. Their name is Kinematic – just like the branch of classical mechanics that describes motion.
The band has four members and is located in Melbourne in Australia. Even if they describe their music as “unpop”, I would classify most of their songs as indie pop or maybe indie rock.

The history of Kinematic started long time ago in 2000 when Mike and Gordo founded the band as a two-man singer/songwriter project. Two years later Ozi and Gordos brother Mik joined the band on drums and bass.
The first concert they played was at a Christmas party where they performed an acoustic set. But not just any Christmas celebration! It was a party organized by the Australian actor and director Shane Jacobsen. If you don’t know him, google his name and you will see that he played in quite a lot of movies.
From that day on, the band kept developing and in their progress four albums, a few EPs and singles were created. A very important part of Kinematic is the do-it-yourself spirit. The band is unsigned which allows the musicians to do whatever they want. Writing, Recording, Producing, Releasing and Promoting is all done by themselves. They say that in their long career as musicians and as a band they had to deal with various dishonest managers and unfair record label deals, so they decided that being an unsigned and free band is the best for them.
But even without the support of the commercial music industry Kinematic had their success. Their song “Championship Vinyl” appeared in the famous US sitcom “Cavemen” and the US radio show “This American Life” played the song “In Between” which is because of that Kinematics most popular song.
For now, I chose a song from the latest release for you. It’s called “Special” like the EP this song appeared on itself. Different from many other Kinematic songs, this one is based on electronic beats and doesn’t really feature a lot of acoustic sounds. “Special” is a weird piece making the listener feel happy and melancholic at the same time. If you like what you hear, check out Kinematic on Jamendo or their website!

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