Familia Reggae

Familia Reggae is a group which was created in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2008. This group has roots in the reggae music culture.

The members of Familia are Fede (drums), Matumbi (solo guitar), Cuba (rhythmic guitar), Max (bass) and Familia (vocals).

Familia Reggae was created with the aim to found a group different from others because the members wanted to be not only a reggae band. They wanted to set up a family in which the most important values are respect, love, union, sharing, liberty and other important things to build one big family.
Furthermore they wanted to improve their personal and artistic experience through the traditional motivation of the reggae music culture. So the first aim of Familia Reggae is to bring the new people into the reggae culture. They produce songs that help the people to know and to love this culture.
They have published four albums: Lion in the jungle, Siguiendo el Camino, Spreading out, Back to roots.
The most famous songs are: Rumours, Lion in the jungle, Siguiendo el camino, Do it right and Jah Creo Zion.


 Spreading out
• Keep on ready
• Singing for peace
• Morning
• Calling you
• Can be better
• Right time
• Livity
• Dissia Time

 Back to roots
• Inna Dis Ya Time
• What you gonna do
• Do It Right
• Jah Creo Zion
• Great Sensations
• Lion in the jungle
• Siguiendo el camino
• She Know It

 Siguiendo el Camino
• Deberiamos unirnos
• Directo a zion
• Is me again jah
• Rumours
• Hermanos en hermandad
• Feeling the music
• Siguiendo el Camino
• Cantando en las calles
• Lion in the jungle
• Lion in the Jungle
• Jah creo Zion
• Juntos es mejor
• Do it right
• Heartless Vampire
• She was a leader
• Burning fyah
• Wath you gonna do
• Creciendo en ti
• She knows it


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