Nana Mouskouri

Do you know Nana mouskouri (Nάνα Μούσχουρη) ? She is a Greek singer well known in France. Her entire name is Ioanna Mouskhouri and she is born in 1934 in Crete.

She sings since her childhood but she started to study music at 12 years old at the Conservatory of Athens. At 28 years old she started her career thanks to Manos Hadjidakis, and 2 years later she went to Paris and lived there.

Her musical style is quite diverse : folkloric, jazz, pop and classical. Even if she changed of genre, she is easily recognizable by her particular voice.

In 1963 she participated in the Eurovision contest : she represented the Luxembourg with the song “A force de prier” and finished at the 8th place, which is a quite good result.

She recorded songs in German, English, Spanish, Greek, Italian and even Hebrew, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese and Gaelic. Her best public is the french one since she sold in France almost 2 millions of albums and almost 4 millions of singles. One of her french success is “L'enfant au tambour”.

Her career lasted around 50 years. In 2005, at 71 years old, she performed a last tour from Europe to Australia. Two years later she did her last concert in Paris at the Garnier Opera, to finally come back to music 5 years later and to perform other concert tours all over the world. She won 300 gold, diamond and platinum discs and sold 300 millions of albums and singles.

So don't wait anymore to listen to her songs if you don't already know her !


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