The Bourgeois

The name of the current "Band of the Week" might be a little confusing. They are American but their band has a French name, The Bourgeois. I can imagine that some people might just shorten their name with "The B" because remembering the right pronunciation without basic French knowledge is quite difficult.

Zach Mobley and Ty Clark both grew up in Oklahoma. While Zach spent most of his adolescence listing to punk rock and silently rebelling, Ty fell victim to a drug addiction and had to spend some time in prison. After this experience he wanted to start over and responded to an ad which Zach had placed. They soon noticed that they not only shared the same taste in music but also a similar distaste for the hipocrisy around them. Not much later Vance Young was added to the band as their much needed bass player because Ty already covered the drums and Zach the guitar and vocals.

The Bourgeois belongs to the genre of alternative rock and their home town is Tulsa, Oklahoma. They draw inspiration from many different artists, Nirvana one of them. They pride themselves on the fact that their music is influenced by their idols but not sounding antiquated or copied.

Their first single, Perverting the American Dream, got already really popular on the music streaming service Jamendo. Some say their energetic live performances, creative music videos and their sardonic sense of humor are just unique. They have since had many big performances and quite successful single and album releases. Their secret to success: caffeine, lots of caffeine.

The press prises them for their smashing rock sound and for making brave music instead of safe music. They have been called a hidden treasure of alternative rock in the US. They bring back the danger that former bands like Nirvana had.
The Bourgeois writes songs that don't try to follow the latest trends but rather follow their own heart, like their song "Be Your Own Machine". The title has a clear message - let yourself get caught up in real, in  brave music.

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