The robot maid

If you asked me how I imagined the future, I would tell you about flying cars, underwater cities, travel in space and robots living among people. I think everyone wished to have someone helping in the house every day – cooking food, cleaning the dishes, tidying up the house, making the bed, pouring drinks. Someone who doesn’t need to be paid and who follows your commands without any question.

No, I don’t speak about returning back to slavery! I speak about robots and to be exact robot maids. But ok ok, I agree that this sounds a lot like science fiction and completely unrealistic!
Now what if I told you that the robot maid was already invented hundreds of years ago in Ancient Greece?! It’s true. Philon of Byzantium lived in the second half of the third century BC and was an inventive engineer and mechanic. To be honest his robot looked more like a statue but the complexity inside was definitely amazing. Philon created a construction that looked like a woman holding a jar filled with wine in her right hand. If he had visitors, he asked them to place their cup in the left hand of the servant statue. The weight of the cup activated a mechanism making the right hand of the maid moving so that she poured the wine out of the jar into the cup of the visitor. The servant was also able to give the user an option to mix the wine with water. In Ancient Greece the wine used to be very strong so people didn’t use to drink it pure like we do it nowadays. Philon used different containers, tubes, air pipes, and winding springs to build his machine. It’s passed that the automatic maid work in great detail.
This truly amazing invention can be seen as the first ever construction of a robot by humans!

Now it’s your turn to decide whether I told you the truth or not! Was the first robot really already constructed hundreds of years ago in Ancient Greece or is it just a story I made up and robot are just science fiction? Decide and check the solution!


The story is 100% true! Even if it's hard to believe but Philon of Byzantium really invented a robot maid.

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