Semme Automatic

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Our today’s band of the week is actually a solo musician, but anyways, I would like to introduce you to a young hip hop artist I recently discovered, living in Pensacola, Florida born on 21st October 1998 in Tacoma, Washington with oculoctaneous Albinism.


Semmuel Preason Jenkins alias Semme Automatic grew up in today’s society being different than most of the people. The Albinism does not affect him in everyday life, aside of the fact that he is more likely to get a sunburn and skin cancer, he is not in danger, but as Albinism is mainly a pigment disorder, a complete or partial lack of melanin which makes ones skin light, the hair very fair and also affects the eyes, he just looks different and for that reason he had to deal with people how did not accept him.
This emotion can be triggered by many issues, wearing different clothes than most of the people, choosing a different lifestyle, not fitting in the beauty ideal, being too thick, too thin,… There are always people who judge if one person is crossing the borders of what they think is normal.
As he is very close in age to his main audience, he started to produce his music in the age of seventeen, it is easy to identify with his tracks to a certain degree.
As he says it by himself on his Twitter-Account
“Equal doesn’t always mean identical”
Of course his lyrics are not limited to this topic, he speaks about many more issues, have a listen by yourself and enjoy the track Heart Breakz by him in the next minutes. His first album “Mood swings” is going to be released in summer 2017.

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