Respect Your Mom

Today I want to speak about women with you. Actually about just one - the most beautiful and the greatest of all! I know what you are thinking… Which actress, which model or which singer is he speaking about? You are wrong, guys! The most important woman of our lives is of course our mother.

She is the person that loves us even before we come into this world and always supports up in any circumstance. Your mother is always there for you: She will be with you to laugh and have fun but she will also be with you when you are sad and she will dry your tears.
I found a band for you that set as their aim to honour all mothers of the world. Their name is Respect Your Mom and here are the lyrics of one of their songs, which are incredibly beautiful in my opinion:

There is charm and grace/
In a few wrinkles on the face/
There is poise and elegance/
In having so much experience/
There is wisdom and respect/
In living a life so perfect/

Ok, just kidding! Today’s band of the week, Respect Your Mom, is an experimental grunge band from the Ukraine!
In 2008 Masha Ivanova decided to found her first own band to become a rock singer. Together with three other girls they created a band and started to cover songs of Nirvana and similar artists. Unfortunately, the four girl group fell apart because of personal problems between them.
Marsha used the next years to find new members and ended up forming the group Drugstore together with Lillian on the guitar and Miko on the drums.
After some changes of member the band finally recorded their first demo. The recording was also the right occasion to change the name from Drugstore to Respect Your Mom.
The current members of the band are Masha (known as Sata), Art, Tobi, Yanek and Kolya.
Just some days ago they released the six track album Dream Paralysis on the 14 Feb 2017. Now I leave you Lost out of this album to enjoy some real Ukrainian grunge punk!

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