Brain Purist

"Free your mind and do your dance. This is Brain Purist!"
Be introduced to the musician of the week, Brain Purist. I guess you would like to know who the person behind this name is? Well, he is an artist, producer and definitely futurist thinker from Croatia. Originally, he produced hip-hop but was looking for a new direction and came upon house music. However, he takes inspiration not only from this genre but also from lounge, hip-hop and pop.

He says himself: "I grew up listening to old hip-hop, house and techno masters. I'd like to bring back some of that 90s rawness but with a melodic contemporary twist." Musicians and bands that influence his music are Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Daft Punk, to name a few.

The house music scene in Croatia is still a growing one. Nevertheless, there are already major festivals like the "Ultra Festival". The Brain Purist describes it like that: Croatia doesn't have many famous bands itself but all the major acts go to Croatia to play there.

In the past Brain Purist was known as Urban Spirit and producing rap. He didn't go far with changing his new stage name: Urban Spirit - Brain Purist. Just play around with the letters and you will figure out the wordplay! His music is engaging, colorful and captivating. His goal is to inspire people to free their minds, dance and live life to the fullest.
His most successful single so far "Wish You Were Here" is a fresh summer song with a touch of both Tropical and 90s Vocal House. Have fun listening to this song - let's hope it spreads a little bit of summer on those cold winter days!

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