The Titan's Curse

This week I'll be telling you about the fantasy-adventure novel "The Titan's Curse" which is part of the series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" by Rick Riordan. "The Titan's Curse" is actually the third book of the series. The first two, "The Lightning Thief" and "The Sea of Monsters", were made into movies that were successfully played in cinemas all around the world.

It begins with a friend of Percy's needing help. Grover, who is a satyr, half goat half human, is recruiting demigods for Camp Half-Blood. In Camp Half-Blood young demigods like Percy are taught how to control their powers. They find the siblings and demigods Bianca and Nico but are being attacked by an ancient Greek monster when trying to leave with them. Fortunately, a group of women led by the goddess Artemis called the hunters show up to help. During the fight Percy's close friend Annabeth is kidnapped by the monster. Bianca decides to join the hunters who are immortal and cannot have any relations to male creatures. Therefore she must leave her brother forever.

Artemis goes off to hunt the creature, but gets captured and disappears. The Oracle at the camp gives a prophecy saying that five hunters and campers must work together to stop the monster and save Artemis, but it also predicts that only three out of the five will survive the quest. Percy is not allowed to be part of those five. However, he decides to follow them on his Pegasus Blackjack. He notices someone stalking the group and prevents them from getting killed. They allow him to join them and go on to San Francisco, where they know they can find Annabeth and Artemis. On their way they meet the goddess Aphrodite who warns them not to take anything from a junkyard they will soon arrive at. Bianca doesn't take the advice seriously and wakes a giant guardian by taking a small statue. She kills the guardian but dies in the process.

When the group arrives in San Francisco they follow a lead up a mountain. When they are held back at the entrance to a garden, one huntress wakes a dragon as a distraction. Atlas, the Titan who was behind the kidnapping, put Artemis in his place to carry the sky on her shoulders. Percy takes the weight while the others fight Atlas. Artemis tricks Atlas into taking his place again. However, one of her huntresses dies from the battle injuries. The gods agree that they have to fight the Titans with the help of the demigods.

This book is perfect for young readers that are interested in Greek mythology but don't want to be bored by theoretical lectures. A lot of facts are weaved into an adventurous story - it can be overwhelming sometimes but it's definitely worth the read. However, I would recommend reading the first two books beforehand because the story builds up on these. If you decide to take up this series, enjoy these wonderful books and don't be too sad when finishing the last one - Rick Riordan has another series of Greek mythology waiting for you!

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