Something Will Happen You'll See

This week I will speak about one Greek writer and his book.
Christos Ikonomou was born in Athens in 1970, His passion developed around ten eleven years old, when he started writing a diary and then continued reading many books, which became part of him and his world.

He is contemporary writer and journalist called ‘the Greek Faulkner’ and recognized among the most important writers of Greece today, he has published three collections of short stories: one of them is called “Something will Happen you’ll see” with which he won an award, and became the most reviewed Greek book of 2011 and now I will speak about his book.

“Something will happen you’ll see”

In this book Ikonomou describes the great crisis within the Greek people and especially the working class that lived around Piraeus, the “big port in Athens”.
In this short story Ikonomou explains how the people survive in this situation, speaking about families, pensioners, young couples that have lost their jobs, and looking at the future hoping that something happen or something changes. Ikonomou has become the literary emblem of the Greek crisis, writing the story so real and human, that they will stay with the reader for a long time.


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