If you are interested in the Greek Mythology and you want to find something new about it wrapped in a youth story, Starcrossed may be the right choice for you. The book is about the new life of the young protagonist Helen, after she finds out that she was a demigoddess from the Greek Mythology and her love to one of her natural enemies.


Helen lives a normal life in Nantucket, USA, when the Delos family arrives on the island. While everybody is thrilled by them, Helen just feels a strong will to kill one of their members, who attends the same High-School than she, Lucas Delos. At the same time she is bothered by strong nightmares of three sinister women who want revenge. She can’t explain these changings of herself, but slowly she finds out her origins with the help of this new family, whose members are demigods as well. Since the Trojan War there is a conflict between the different houses of demigods, who want to kill each other to fulfil this blood vendetta. They are driven by the revenge goddesses Erinyes. So the best would be to stay far from this new family, but what if they fall in love? This is what actually happens between Lucas and Helen and it is not an easy situation, since it is their fate to love and to create a terrible war between all the houses, like it was in Troy some thousands of years ago.  


The book is a typical book for young readers, but also for all those who liked Twilight or the Greek Mythology. The style of writing is easy and fast, but without a certain deep that could explain the character changings more. The author serves herself a lot from the Iliad and takes it to the modern time. Even though the story is a little bit complicated sometimes it is explained well, so that also people who don’t know the Greek Mythology at all will feel comfortable.


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