Helen of Troy

The Helen of Troy is the next movie or I can say television mini serial about ‘The Trojan War’ which is based on Homer’s epic poem ‘Iliad’. This topic was used many times for every kind of art and still is an inspiration for next artists. It was also the afflatus for this movie.

The movie is divided in two parts, but all plot is around the romance thread between Paris, prince of Troy and Helen, wife of Menelaos, king of Sparta and the most beautiful woman in the world. They fell in love with each other and ran away to Troy. When the husband of Helen realized that the Helen is gone together with his brother, Agamemnon decided to attack this city. Actually it was just an ‘excuse’ to start war between two powers and take the never captured Troy. There were many fights, a lot of years without peace and results. This love or need for power of the kings led to suffering, death of innocent people, soldiers and heroes. Two of them were known in all of Greece and the world: Hector, brother of Paris and immortal Achilles. In this story we could not forget about how the Spartanian army beat the Trojan army with the Trojan Horse. It was the trick, which gave the Greek people victory.
We can notice that ‘The Helen of Troy’ is not such a good movie but it is still worth to see it because a different point of view of another artist is shown there and of course it is nice to watch this movie just as entertainment.

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