Today like every week our radio has for you a new band to listen too.
So let’s create together a Monday full of music. May I introduce to you Harveys.

Harveys is a singer- songwriter born in the archipelago of San Andrés.
The biggest part of his life until now, he dedicated it to achieve his goal. As an artist he wants to put the name of Colombia high on the world stage.
His music is categorized in the genres Latin music and pop, but you can also find in it aspects of salsa and his country’s related beats.
When you hear his music you find yourself moving to the rhythm, which is kind of fast but still calming down and like that the songs give off also a quite romantic feeling.
So now you know a little bit about this artist and his style, but lets listen also to one of his songs. Have a lot of fun with Harveys’ single “Me cansé”, a song about the end of a love which could not really work out, because “I have not been and will not be your hobby. Serious error ...”.

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