Today, let me introduce you to the band of the week : Candids. It's a band created in the french city Nantes, in march 2012. The musicians are 3 french guys, named Vic, Steve and Ariel, careless and insolent, with a vagabond spirit, which is perfectly announced by their name Candids, referring to Voltaire's book.

Their musical genre oscillate between indie pop and cold wave. They use electric guitar, bass guitar, guitar, synthesizer etc.

They like to say that they compose and play vaporous music for campfires or to enjoy the sun. They evolve in a ecstatic youth and unhealthy decadence universe. They claim their ardor with happiness. With their nostalgic and life-saving lyrics, they spread their solar energy and catch the lost souls.

Don't wait anymore to listen to their 2 Eps Love and Modern Life to get transported into a world of hippies parties on the beach during a warm summer.

I leave you with their song Modern Life. Enjoy !

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