Ocean Shiver

Welcome to some new music inspirations on ChiosRadio.gr!
Do you know the amazement that the sea brings with itself, the calmness of the stable rhythm of the waves crashing against the stones, the rush? Ocean Shiver, the musician that I want to introduce to you this week could for sure be inspired by this…

Vlad Orlov grew up in Moscow, Russia, one of the largest metropolis in the world but 962 kilometers far away from the sea. Until now he released already 14 albums – online on different platforms, for eg. Jamendo – that almost all share the theme of nature either already in the album title or in certain tracks. He uses names like “Eternalstars”, “Empty Landscapes” or “Three Years of Snow”.
His flowy almost meditative electronic sounds, for which he partially records sounds like the drums himself combined with synthesizer and some vocals from external singers, are perfect for daydreaming yourself into another place, leaning back and relaxing, getting lost in the vibe.
Maybe all of this is a longing for the peace of nature in the industrial flair of Moscow, of course this is just speculation, a theory, maybe it is just random, anyways, enjoy one of his latest releases, the track “From Ashes to Stars” and let your thoughts wander.
Yassas and stay tuned!




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