Today I am going to present you the band “Crete Boom”.

Seosamh and Colm Cahill are two brothers who created the band “CRETE BOOM” in Dublin in 2005. Together with Seosamh, guitarist and song-writer, and Colm, drums, also Mick Ruane played the bass guitar since the beginning in the band.

Over the years the band went through many changes and included Patrick Delaney and Dee al Shamaa on vocals, Ben Green, Tenor Sax & Piano, and Wiley Wynne and Peter Roycroft, Piano & Organ.

Between 2005 and 2007 the band performed mostly in Dublin and in the surroundings, until they settled in their own spot called “The Mounto”. After their European tour in 2008, the band released 5 records: “Ne'er Do Well” and “Navy and Grey” in 2008, “Ech Man For Hymself, Ther Is Noon Oother” and “Them Bones Need Oxygen” in 2009 and finally “Honest Lovers” in February 2011.

The band played together for the last time in October 2011.
Crete Boom’s music is very eclectic and it’s difficult to categorize them under one specific genre. In their songs we can find an influence of jazz, pop, rock and blues styles which are all mixed together to give a powerful result.

Crete Boom released its music under a Creative Commons license and you can find all their records on jamendo, as it is their primary artist hub. And now I will leave you with one of my favourite song of this band, it’s called “Going West”.

Γεια σας, and enjoy the music!

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