Grégoire Lourme

Grégoire Lourme is a French composer from Toulouse of 32 years old (19th march 1985). At 15 he started playing music with a keyboard, just to recreate known music themes. He never learned music theory and doesn't even know how to read a sheet. He composes on computer, by ear, improvises often and he is also trying to invent his own music writing system.

He likes to create cinematographic universes in varied genres : action, war, science fiction, polar, horror, ethnic, romantic, epic, adventure... His goal is to produce inspiring musics which give deep emotions. 

One of his biggest influences is the band “Two steps from hell”. In that spirit he created the “Cinematic collection” of 10 albums. He is in general inspired by known composers of Hollywood, like Hans Zimmer, James Newton, James Horner, Steve Jablonsky, Bryan Tyler... But his favorite is John Powell for his energy and the rhythm of his music.

The instrumental he used is very oriented to the orchestra: strings (violins, cellos, double basses), brass (horn, trumpets, trombones), choirs, piano, wood, all kinds of percussions, modern or classical.
He composes for short or long movies from amateurs or professionals, documentaries, video games, teasers or advertisements like one for Adidas. When he has to compose a music for a movie, he finds his inspiration in the images of this one. In 2013, he composed the soundtrack of the movie “Outlaws of the Patagonia”, an Argentine movie realized by Damian Leibovich.

His music is free for personal use, so don't wait anymore to listen or even download to all of his great soundtracks !


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