This week I will let you discover one of the beautiful beaches of Chios island: Vroulidia.
Vroulidia is located in the southernmost side of the island, among the many wonders.

To reach the beach you need to pass through a stone stairs which will lead you down to this pink paradise. The beach, a colorful stripe.. Shades of pink are shown by the pebbles, the entire beach is surrounded by the white stone of the hills,  and you will feel like to be in heaven.
The sea is iridescent and fades from blue to dark green when seen from different angles, the water here is warm, fantastic for the long baths in totally relax and perfect to have fun with your friends.
After your stay, you can easily go to the city by car, and enjoy some restaurants, with typical food, but also many pubs for the night life.
Well, what are you waiting for?  

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