The beach far away

Summer has finally begun again. This means: Heat, sun, and most of all: beach time! If you are searching for a calm and not touristic place, a beautiful bay, where you could easily be alone, but which on the other hand is also not too easy to reach, I may have the right place for you: The “beach far away”.

You are probably already wondering: Beach far away? What kind of name is that? Well, the truth is, this beach is not a registered or official beach of the island with a name. It is just a small, quiet bay, difficult to reach, but beautiful; his name is a creation of us volunteers. The beach far away is located between the villages of Katarraktis and Vokaria, both in the southern part of the island. To reach this beach you have to follow a dirt road from Katarraktis to Vokaria for around 15 minutes. Then you take the all in all second turn to the left, which leads you down to the beach, you see. You have to walk this way down, and now you will see a calm, protected and really beautiful bay, most of the times without any people. This bay is not sandy, but pebbled with stones so small, that they are perfect to lie on, while your towel doesn`t get dirty as it would from sand. You can swim in the crystal blue water, and you will also not regret it if you take a mask to have a look at the many different fishes in the sea.
All in all, the so-called “Beach far away” is definitely not the typical tourist location. It may be difficult to reach, but if you want to spend one calm day at the beach, and maybe also sleep there, if you want to have a small adventure, it is definitely a perfect place to visit! Beautiful water, combined with an impressive landscape, and calmness; what more can you have?
I hope I could help you a bit concerning your holiday plans.


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